NFFO Services


NFFO Services Ltd is a company registered in the UK, dedicated to the provision of effective marine support based upon fisheries liaison and guardship services to other offshore sectors including oil/gas and renewable energy. By providing professional liaison and guard vessel support, the potential for conflict between the fishing/shipping sectors and the operation of offshore locations is kept to a minimum.

NFFO Services is the commercial division of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO), the representative body for fishermen in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NFFO Services supply onshore and offshore support with an array of vessels as chase boats, guard vessels and survey vessels, as well as offering fisheries liaison and fisheries consultancy services.

NFFO Services was established in 1984 to provide a vehicle for the provision of liaison services to the offshore oil and gas sector. During initial negotiations between the NFFO and oil exploration and development companies in the southern North Sea, liaison, where the construction and installation of pipelines or platforms would create a direct and possibly dangerous impact on fishing operations. Liaison rather than confrontation was seen as the solution.

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