Guard Vessels

NFFO Services Ltd. can provide for any offshore activity, suitable fishing vessels to act as Guard boats for the purpose of protecting any vulnerable sub-sea or surface installation including exposed cables and pipelines from the dangers arising from fishing activities or other marine traffic movements.

Our highly experienced and respected fishing skippers will create awareness to the dangers to masters/skippers of any vessel operating in the vicinity of such hazard, thereby providing early and adequate warning to enable such vessels to take avoiding action.

All NFFO Services Ltd guard vessels are mobilised with documented procedures and a full HSE plan. Guard Vessels operate under a sub-contract with NFFO Services Ltd thereby creating a sound business arrangement

All additional reasonable requirements by the client can be met by NFFO Services Ltd focuses as far as possible on recruiting guard vessels that are endemic to the area of operation.

Offshore operators should recognise there are much wider mutual benefits to be gained from using fishing vessels as guard boats through the industry’s main representative body; Fast access to additional vessels or a suitable replacement vessel in the event of a breakdown being just one.

Skippers of guard vessels will generally have high levels of local knowledge and expertise that NFFO Services Ltd believes is a crucial factor to a smooth running operation. In recruiting local vessels, we ensure each vessel complies with our high standards on Health, Safety and the Environment.

For all offshore operations there is potential disruption for one or both parties. By engaging a suitable fishing vessel as a Chase boat, through the main Federation it is seen as a positive move by operators. Such arrangements are viewed more favourably by most local skippers by the fact that;

  • The Client is helping to support their national representative body
  • Skippers generally co-operate more readily with one of their colleagues.
  • It provides an alternative means of income for a local vessel, easing the pressure on the skipper created by the potential disruption from the work, restricted quota allocations and ever tightening fishing restrictions.